You May Need a New Roof?


It's good to keep an eye out on what's happening with your roof.


You may need a new roof replacement or reroofing (reshingled roof).


A roof replacement is where all the shingles and roofing material is taken off down to what is called the deck, which is the plywood material on top of the framing of the home. Sometimes even this plywood structure needs to be replaced if it is also damaged in some way.


Reroofing  on other hand is where shingles are added directly over the top of the old shingles. This can be a good choice if there are no major issues of shingle or water damage.


As professionals in Roofing we may need to take a close look at what's going on with your roof in order to let you know which would be the best route.


But how can you know if you may need a new roof replacement or reroofing?


You could do a simple interior inspection and exterior inspection yourself on your own roof to help determine whether you may need a new roof or perhaps your roof repaired or re-shingled.


First let's talk about an interior inspection. Take a flashlight with you and go up into your attic. You can take a look before you turn on your flashlight or any lights to see if there is light streaming through from outside during the day. If you can see sunlight streaming through in areas then water is probably able to get through also and that may be a sign that needs further inspection.


If you see damage on interior walls, dark streaks or drywall that is water damaged or ceilings that are water damaged or bowing, this may also tell you that there is a roof leaking or damage.  If you see along the top of a wall, near the ceiling damage to the finish or paint which is loose, bubbling up or coming off the wall, this could be because of water damage from the roof. You should have one of our contractors come out and make an inspection to see what is going on.


Also there are a number of things you can do to make an exterior inspection. First of all you can check the gutters and see if they are filling with granules, pieces and/or debris from the roof shingles. This may show that shingling should be redone on your roof.


Also if shingles are missing, curling, buckling or cracking or if they seem to be coming away from the roof and disorganized this may be an obvious sign that the roof shingling needs to be redone.


Many homes have what is called “roof valleys” where two sloping roofs meet. Missing shingles or shingles that are falling apart in this area is a sign that new roofing or re-shingling is needed.

Leaking could happen in this area especially if there is damage.


If your roof seems to be sagging in certain areas this could mean the building structure underneath the shingles is damaged and needs repair.


Another thing is that if your house has not had a roof replacement within 20 years, it is probably due for a new roof replacement.


If any of these things are so, you should call us for a professional inspection and an estimate on your roof repair, replacement or reroofing today.


Thanks from the folks at Amish Built Construction.